• Services

    ImmunXperts offers a wide range of Immunogenicity Services to the broad Life Science community.

    • In Silico Services

      ImmunXperts offers access to In Silico tools for immune profiling and lead optimization.

    • In Vitro Services

      ImmunXperts not only provides In Vitro immunogenicity assessment, but also Customized cellular assays and Cell sourcing services

    • In Vivo and Clinical Services

      ImmunXperts offers a comprehensive package of tools and services to measure immunogenicity during pre-clinical and clinical studies.

    • Regulatory Support

      ImmunXperts can support you in your interaction with the regulatory authorities.

    • ImmunAcademy

      With the ImmunAcademy, ImmunXperts offers services to guide our customers in the field of immunogenicity.

    • New! In Vitro Services for Immuno-Oncology

      Leveraging our experience with human primary Immune cells, ImmunXperts can now also support you with In Vitro assays for evaluating new therapeutic options in Immuno-Oncology.

  • Oxford Global

    Advances in Immuno-oncology Congress 2016

    We are presenting a poster on In Vitro Functional Assays for Immune Checkpoint Screening at the Oxford Global Advances in Immuno-oncology Congress in London, May 12- 13th. http://www.immunooncology-congress.com/

  • PEGS 2016

    PEGS Boston 2016

    Check out ImmunXperts’ poster on In vitro Functional Bioassays in Immune Checkpoint Inhibition at the 12th Annual PEGSummit in Boston, MA (April 25-29, 2016). http://www.pegsummit.com