• Advances in Immuno-oncology Congress 2016

    We are presenting a poster on In Vitro Functional Assays for Immune Checkpoint Screening at the Oxford Global Advances in Immuno-oncology Congress in London, May 12- 13th.

  • PEGS Boston 2016

    Check out ImmunXperts’ poster on In vitro Functional Bioassays in Immune Checkpoint Inhibition at the 12th Annual PEGSummit in Boston, MA (April 25-29, 2016).

  • GTC’s 4th Immunogenicity & Immunotoxicity Conference

    This week ImmunXperts will be talking at GTC’s 4th Immunogenicity & Immunotoxicity Conference, organized on January 25-26, 2016 in San Diego, CA.

  • IBC’s Immunogenicity for Biotherapeutics

    ImmunXperts will present at IBC’s 16th Annual Immunogenicity for Biotherapeutics event, held on November 09-10, 2015 in Reston, Virginia.

  • SMi Immunogenicity 2015

    ImmunXperts is presenting at SMi Group’s Immunogenicity conference, held on  June 29-30  in Londen, UK.

  • BEBPA 2015 Bioassay Conference

    ImmunXperts will be presenting at the BEBPA Bioassay Conference held in Budapest on 23-25 September 2015.

  • PEGS Summit Korea 2015

    Next week ImmunXperts will be in Korea at the PEGS Summit Korea held on Sept. 1-3 in  Seoul, talking about ‘Design of Less Immunogenic Drugs using in silico and in vitro Tools’.

  • Empowered Antibodies 2015

    ImmunXperts is attending the Empowered Antibodies Congress, held on 17-18 June in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Annual Biosimilars Summit 2015

    ImmunXperts is presenting on Early Assessment of Immunogenicity in the Development of Biosimilars at the Annual Biosimilar Summit, on June 11-12, in Berlin, Germany.

  • Knowledge For Growth 2015

    ImmunXperts will be attending Knowledge For Growth on May 21  in the ICC, Ghent, Belgium.

  • IATA Biomed 2015

    Meet ImmunXperts on the on IATA Biomed 2015 Conference, held on May 12-14 2015 in the TLV Convention Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.