• ImmunXperts Announces New Collaboration and Biowin Grant Award

    Gosselies, Belgium – October 24, 2016 — ImmunXperts S.A, together with Iteos Therapeutics S.A., ChemCom S.A., the de Duve Institute and IRIBHM have been awarded 1,6 million euro grant through a BioWin project called IT-Targets. The aim of this collaboration is to identify innovative drug candidates and biomarkers for immunotherapy of various types of cancer, […]

  • ImmunXperts to increase capital and appoint Thibault Jonckheere as CEO

    Gosselies, September 16th 2016 – ImmunXperts SA today announced that Thibault Jonckheere joined the fast growing company as CEO. Simultaneously, the immunogenicity company increased its capital to further accelerate the development of its immuno-oncology and cell therapy services. “ImmunXperts supports its partners in the evaluation of new drug candidates with a solid experimental platform for […]

  • ImmunXperts successfully raises in excess of 1 Million USD

    Gosselies, December 16th 2014 – ImmunXperts s.a. today announced it has successfully raised in excess of one million USD of seed financing. The proceeds will be used by the new start-up, located in the life science cluster of Gosselies Charleroi – Belgium, for the development of proprietary and innovative methods to assess the immunogenicity of […]